Monday, August 24, 2009

The One with the Crazy, Hot Monday, where I

got my butt kicked BIG TIME.

So I was real dumb. I was supposed to run for an hour this morning (4am) and I just couldn't drag my butt out of bed any earlier than "shower time" in order to get ready for work. So the solution, since my running schedule is already altered since the hubby is out of town till essentially Friday morning, was to take the kids (and the dog) for an hour long run after work!

The dog is fine, she can run 8 miles with me no problem. The kids normally ride their bikes and that works. But my oldest had homework that still needed to be done, so he was chosen to stay home and do homework uninterrupted (he's going to be 11, and won't be able to go to childcare in a year, so he has to start being tested to be by himself to prepare for next year).

That left the little one, who's almost 9 and one of, hmmm how do I say it, Whinier children that know. And to top it all off, it was about 95 degrees.

It was a tough run for me and the dog, and a little tough ride for the little guy. He was hot, tired, thirsty, needed to go to the bathroom and had a leg ache, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This all miraculously went away when we turned and he started down a substantial hill. and it completely disappeared once we got to the driveway. But we survived.

But it wasn't over....oh no. After running over 6 miles in 95 degree heat, I still needed to do the 30 day shred. It's 20 minutes, of a butt kicking workout, everyday for 30 days. Today was day 2. And I can barely push my arms hard enough to close a dresser drawer now. Being a marathoner, my legs don't feel most of the workout, and my cardio really doesn't get challenged, but the strength training in the arms, and the ab exercises are definitely kicking my butt.

To top it all off, I managed to stick to my 2 cups of coffee per day, and I had no snacks at work. This is huge as there are always those little mini-candy bars in several candy dishes in the office. and I usually give myself a stomach ache eating too many every single day. I now have 2 chocolates sitting on my desk, and several in my purse that I haven't touched. It's my goal to seriously cut down on the sugar which can only help my running.

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