Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The One where I run (a lot)

I am a runner. I've been running for a little over 4 years now, and am currently training for my 4th marathon (in October).

The training schedule is "unique" to say the least. Not because of how many mile I average (currently 35-40 per week), but because it is always a mystery as to when I will get to run. Depending on the season, I change when I like to run. Now that it is summer, I fluctuate between running befor the sun comes up and at sunset.

The rotating of the time is partially because of my husband's schedule. He needs to be home so that I'm not running out the door and leaving the kids to their own devices for an hour. Since I leave for work by 6am (with a goal of 5:30), I have to be out the door by 4am if I'm running in the morning before work. This is doable and actually enjoyable during the summer, when the weather is pleasant only prior to the sun coming up.

When it is this hot outside, and I don't run before the sun comes up, the only real option is to run as the sun is setting, or shortly after. Since it doesn't get dark till about 8, I can get a decent run in prior to the street lights coming on during the summer.

As it gets closer to fall, it gets trickier. Prior to the time change, it starts getting darker earlier, and it gets lighter later in the morning. On either side of the coin, I'm running more in the dark which always scares me. Partly because of the boogie-man, which I've solved by taking the dog with me. But also because of the possibility of falling, simply because I can't see as well in the dark!

I have 6 weeks left till the marathon as of this Saturday. The training has been long and I'm starting to feel like it's never going to be here. In 5 weeks, I'm going to have more of a challenge trying to find a time to run when it is light enough outside to run the risk of tasting concrete. One day at a time I guess

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