Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Challenge Part II

OK so the second part of the challenge, aside from actually knowing how to cook, is Money. I know everyone is starting to feel the pinch these days, but somehow it is so darn difficult to keep a reasonable grocery bill and yet still be healthy too.

I've been doing all of the grocery shopping for the past 11 years, but my husband has NOT been doing middle of the week grocery store trips for about 4 years now (Yes, it is true. I was so bad about cooking that I used to do ALL of my grocery shopping at Costco. You can't really keep fresh produce on hand for too long if you're going to Costco only once every few weeks).

Over the last four years, I've watch everything spike up in price in Albertsons, meat, pudding, yogurt, MILK!!!, everything. The kicker is that my grocery store is on the "price cut slogan" bandwagon right now. They claim that they cut prices 20%, which isn't really true, they just are having less specials each week. The price cuts are still higher than the good preferred card prices each week.

I dug around on the internet and found TONS of blogs on how to save money at the grocery store. One mom feeds her family of six on $60 per week! My budget is $135/week and sometimes we go over! So, as part of this quest, I'm going to be a coupon clippin, penny pinching, recipe swapping, menu planning, Executive. It will make for some distraction in my office at lunchtime to be sure, as that's going to be the only real time to scan the papers for deals.

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