Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bummers and Braces

Well, the little man got braces today and it just wasn't FUN. There were tears in the chair as the lady was putting the snuggy bands on the molars. His little lips were way chapped and he just wanted to go home.
We made it through the nearly 2 hour long appointment, only to go half way down the stairs and then realize that he didn't get his balloon. We trekked back up the stairs to get the balloon, wait for said balloon. Go back down to the car and as he is talking to Daddy on the phone, begins to cry. Because he let go of the darn balloon! I felt so bad I let him ride home in the front seat to go get a milkshake. The milshake seemed to help a little. Next checkup: October 1.

Bummer of the day, I got the Tuesday ad for Albertsons. The $5 off $25 is now in the paper, which I had already done this weekend and submitted for! But since the rebate is now in the Alby's ad, the prices that I just paid are now significantly higher than this week's deals. For example, the Starbucks coffee grounds is $5 less than I paid on Sunday. There are other things marked down as well. But, the rebate paperwork is already in the mail. I can get the $5 catalina this week if I can put together enough to make the $25, but was bummed to see that if I had waited, I could have saved more $$$.

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