Monday, August 10, 2009

My first Super Deal EVER!

I've been pouring over all of these freebie blogs, coupon blogs, and have ordered lots of free samples over the last two weeks....All while finding some recipes to try out and planning my menus from now through the end of July.

I have to admit, things go much, much smoother when the menus are planned out. Sometimes I still have prep work to do when I get home, and don't get to change my clothes until an hour after I walk through the door. But just knowing what the menu is lays down the law for the kids. They can choose to eat it or not, but the line in the sand is drawn, and there is no whining about the meny once the food is already cooking.

So, I always shop on Sundays, and had picked out my various deals through the week by browsing the ads and the blogs. I shop at Albertson's, and had picked out some must haves:

11 oz. blueberries for $0.99
Various items for the $10 Fuel for School Rebate
Various items for the Kraft Foods $5 back plus $20 mail in rebate.
There were certain items that I needed for my menu, and I was going to get some spices and pantry items that were needed.

I managed to get all the items for the $10 rebate,
and to get the items for the $20 rebate.
But there was not a single blueberry in the store! They hadn't come in. Sure there was raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and gooseberries,

I picked up 2 packs of raspberries, which were on sale but not as good of a deal. I got a rain check for the blueberries.
But, by doing my planning for the week, and doing some make ahead meals,
I was able to cut out the frozen breakfasts that I usually by.
I have everything I need to make all my dinners this week.
I came in under my budget of $135 for the week (and for the second week in a row).
Based on the initial prices, I save $113 dollars total (including my cash backs, my coupons,and preferred card prices).

I went back today to get my blueberries. I had $5.00 catalina cash, and a coupon for $1/2 pop tarts. The pop tarts were on sale for $1.97/each.
So here's the breakdown:
(2) $3.89 pop tarts
(6) $3.99 blueberries marked down to $0.99 cents each

I saved $18.00 on the blueberries, total savings was over $23!!! I don't have the receipt with me, but I'm soooooo excited!!!

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