Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New Blog from Me!

As if I don't have enough going on, I have decided to add one more thing to my plate. I've started an additional blog, with the focus of decluttering my house, and organizing it, and hopefully some of the trend will carry for miles to my parents house. They are in far worse shape than I am, and are in total denial that you can't keep everything you have ever owned since birth.

I have attempted to help them before. I think it was 6 or 7 years ago. My dad rented a dumpster and we cleaned out nearly the entire garage. Clean enough to park a car in there. But then they never got a new garage door (with an automatic door opener). Instead, they installed metal shelves down the middle of the garage, (think grocery story aisles). Fast forward a few years, and I can no longer see the back of the garage anymore, let alone walk through the garage. It is jam packed again. Sigh.

So, if anyone wants to see the new blog, and follow me on the decluttering journey, the address is

I have to say, a lot of the content is extraordinarily personal for me and I'd die a happy girl if all of my blog followers were total strangers. There is definitely an embarrassment factor of having a cluttered house, and in my case, of my parents having an almost unlivable house. My focus is to take care of my house, check in on my parents and push them to start the process this year. It will take time and I'm willing to help, but I'm not willing to go over there for 12 hours and clean out the fireplace when there is so much more to do! (Yes it happened, I allowed my mother to sidetrack me, ugh).

I joined The Clutter to give myseld a road map each week of what needs to be done. The message boards seem quite theraputic, but I think I'd like the anonymity of a blog where I can keep my posts like a journal. If readers would like to cheer me on, great, if not, I've still put my thoughts down which is part of the whole process.

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