Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The One Where I've been gone for awhile

No I didn't disappear permanently. but last week, metaphorically speaking, kicked my butt. The Hubbs was gone beginning Monday morning and didn't get back til the wee hours of Thursday night.
The week of Mom started out great on Monday and Tuesday and slowly went down hill from there. We just have a lot of adjusting to do with everyone being in a new grade this year, the amount of homework, and apparently the independence-push that comes from having a "tween".

The Menu from Menu-Planning Monday worked like a charm, other that my darling oldest son deciding that he was going to throw away his chicken and black bean quesdilla one night. Then he helped himself to a popsicle while I was on the phone, which is definitely a big no-no if you don't eat any of your dinner.

The next night, he decided to throw away the leftover pasta shells we were having. Which I must say, is made all the stuff he loves. Who doesn't love noodles with cheese inside. I didn't enen put chopped spinach in there. This is working-mom dinner stuff. Just ricotta in the shells, then pasta sauce on top. Easy. And every kid should be able to at least take 10 bites without throwing it out.

I told my Hubbs on Thursday, as he was at the airport, that on Saturday, when he was finally home and not going to work, that I wuold be leaving the house, by myself, to enjoy some much needed quiet time. He could probably tell by the tone of my voice that if he said anything that was not in complete agreement with my plan, that I might threaten to not come back. So his response, " O-------K."

Hubbs came back, I made it to Thursday night and we went back to normal schedule on Friday. Friday afternoon, I picked up my kids and learned that my oldest had to type up a story that was due by Monday. Who on earth came up with the idea to give 5th graders homework over the weekend? It wasn't technically due till Tuesday, but he has about 3 hours of homework a night as it is, I wasn't about to let him save the typing till Monday too!

By the way, get your 4th graders a typing program. They'll need to at least hunt and peck at a reasonable speed by 5th grade. It took him FOREVER to type 4 paragraphs. And the best part, he has to write a sotry every week. Guess he'll get lots of practice on the typing skills, every weekend!

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