Sunday, August 23, 2009

The One with the 30-Day Shred

I went out and bought the 30 day Shred DVD. I've got great endurance because of my running, and my legs and fanny are very muscular because of the running and training for a marathon (I've done 450 miles in 4 months), BUT...........

I still haven't found my abs since I had my boys. And that was almost 11 years ago! Plus, when you run, your body adapts very well to a routine. And any glitch in the routine and I get my butt kicked. Even if it is just on a new route, with less miles.

I've tried to build my route to include some pretty nasty hills, so that I get a workout each and every time, but the first two miles is always the same. And my body seems to think that's not a workout anymore.

So, I'm going to shock it with the 30 day shred! Starting tonight! Hubby will be out of town beginning tomorrow through Thursday, so I'll even be able to do it downstairs at whatever time works for me, since I won't have to turn off the golf shows when he's here ;)

Can't wait

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